Isabelle Roza

Based in Lompoc, California. Photographing Nationwide.

I've always had a small nerdy, artistic feeling in my bones but I was never very good at anything I tried. Growing up I loved to read and write short stories. For my senior project I wrote and published my one and only book so far. I did always have a fascination with my uncles cameras. He photographed for a hobby but traveled to exotic destinations bringing home slideshows of safaris and monks. His photos were featured in magazines like National Geographic and grandmas wall. When I finally made it to college, I studied film dreaming of becoming a movie set cinematographer! Having grown up only four hours away from Hollywood I thought this dream would come true but my life took a turn as my middle school sweet heart joined the military and we were swept away. Feeling a bit lost I was moved and inspired at our first duty station in Bloxi, Mississippi only one year after Hurricane Katrina. Buying my first digital camera I began a journey that grew me as a person and an artist. Finding a passion for photography and digital design  with the huge support of my husband whom you will most likely meet on set as he is my cheap labor. (Don't worry I feed him!) We dream of some day of owning a big studio location and client photos adorning its walls.